Inevitably this needed to happen, the call to action to help support my endeavors as a developer and someone who wants to provide quality open source tools for myself and other crypto traders out there. I promise it's a lot easier than you might think.


Follow me @DownToCrypto, provides a great way to keep in touch with what is being worked on and developed and see how my personal trading is going. I’m striving to produce more content in the form of blog posts library updates and eventually a podcast if you like what is going on there is no better way to help then to follow and occasionally retweet.


This site is in fact a registered Brave Content Creator and thus benefits simply from you visiting the site while using Brave. Brave block all trackers and adds found on all corners of the internet and instead provides its own less invasive advertisements… if and only if you want them. It doesn’t track your usage or sell your information and is my preferred way to browse. Though by no means necessary, you can also directly tip content creators such as yours truly directly all from within the comfort of your browser

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The advantage to me open sourcing my work is not just the warm and fuzziest I get when someone uses my code to benefit them self’s. When I embarked on this journey it was to find other likeminded individuals to help me complete my dream of having and releasing my own custom tool kit for crypto currency traders. If you like what I'm doing and have the skills to contribute clone the repo and get to it. Part of my social media push this July is to better improve the Read Me’s, comments and project lists for each repository that I manage. It is my hope that other will pitch in and add what they can to better improve the tools and to use them as they see fit.



Gdax-Pulse (now Binance compatible)

Big thanks in advanced!

Stay tuned, first quarterly report coming this week.