Well it happened... kind of.

I’m on temporary leave from work while one of my co-workers is being tested. I will have some work-from-home stuff to do but I should be able to spend some time on supporting the blog and its surrounding projects. I crushed my to-do list today and hope that I can keep the pace up going forward. I’ve heard keeping routine is key so I tried to wake up and proceed with my day just as I normally would. This is the review of how day one of keeping my sanity while at home went.

I woke up and wasted no time getting some exercise in. Before all this I was going to the gym at five am everyday and I found that I could focus a lot better after a morning workout. Then came a nice shower and breakfast. After that I cleaned up the kitchen and got to work.

The two main things I had on my to-do list today was implement a way to calculate support and resistance levels and calibrate my 3d printer. Now the nice part about these two things is they can be done in parallel. I started my first of many calibration cubes on the printer and hit the internet looking for suggested methodologies.

There was an answer on stack overflow that I found very useful. for there I popped open VS code, got latest and started typing away. It took me a little longer then expected but there is now a way to get a rough look at support and resistance levels in the gdax-assistant npm package. Tomorrow I hope to through this into Overlord and back test a few strategies and see how they do.

Speaking of Overlord, I have found a way to make a subsection of it open source. One of the projects I am working on is a real time scanner that will monitor for various signals that I (or you) create. The plan is to continue to use a web interface to supply the user with updates regarding their programmed signals. I might mess around with desktop notifications so that this is something that can just run in the background as one goes about their day. This will take some time to implement but I think it will add enormous value to the platform as well as give everyone a look into what I am working on.

Other large things on the todo projects include:

  • Finalizing all Kraken changes and proving that they work.
  • Starting to play around with Alpaca’s Api and see what I can get going on the stock side of things
  • The aforementioned scanner
  • Of course, general bug fixes and unit test writing
  • Documentation
  • And lastly pulling historical data from Kraken

As far as the printer goes, I nailed the E-steps and leveled the print bed as close to perfect as I could. Latest calibration cube came out nearly perfect. Going to do one last tweak to the settings then do a bit of research into making and producing PPE for the local hospital.

All in all today was a good day. I got some long put off work done on both the software as well as my printer and ended it with some work on my hobbies. After I post this, I am going to start working on tomorrows to-do list and see if I can do it all over again.