• Data is clean as a whistle now. No more random 100% losses and weird RSI readings.

  • The Pi is humming (literally that little fan is more annoying than I thought) right along. There are four low power applications running on it and I plan on having it keep my data up to data going forward.

  • Now I am not done with strategy development quite yet, but I was able to find an idea worth pursuing in the stock market. It’s a mean reversion strategy so that means a shorter hold time and higher win rate. Something that is very agreeable with my personality.

Goals For this Week

  • Strategy development, strategy development, strategy development…
  • I did not get a chance to test the pairs I wanted to so I will be doing that. My procrastination on yields more data ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thoughts on the Week

Last week I spoke about how the $60k BTC level could bring in some volatility and I did get a few signals early in the week. The BTC position I had did get whipsawed out, but I am still in ETH and LINK, as a matter a fat I got a desperate signal on another strategy, so I am carrying two positions in each. Both strategies have some overlap, so I trade them at half size to limit risk. Needless to say, I am looking at them rather optimistically, as always. only time will tell.

The $60k has me intrigued. I have seen articles and posts calling from a consolidation period to end of the bull run and transition into a bear market. My one BTC strategy that was stopped out this week is eying just under $60k as its next buy signal. Now this ultimately means nothing as the market will do whatever it darn well pleases. The thing I find interesting is how its proving to be quite the physiological level and ultimately that is what me trade is human physiology

Lastly one of my crypto septic friends has opened a crypto account. Both him and I discussed how this could be the “cabby giving stock advice” of the crypto market. We had a good laugh about it.

That is all for now time to get to the grind.

Have a good week and Happy Easter everyone!