Got back from vacation and settled with the craziness that went on in my absence for starters.

Brainstormed some ideas while I was gone for improvements on my software that should help fix the last few issues I have run into.

Goals For This Week

Pulse is looking to get yet another couple of updates. One is going to be a lock whenever is processing a message to prevent what I fear are doble events triggering in cases of extreme volatility. The other is the capability to set the market open and close times. This will aid in the completion of the alpaca-v2 update.

Secondly, I wish to finish my updates to my Alpaca specific code. The plan is for the software to start every morning at seven and use the API to get the open and close time and then start the WebSocket as apposed to running the WebSocket 24/7 which seems to cause errors and hang-ups after a few days.

Thoughts on the Week

Wow am I late getting this out…

I cannot say it is because I have not been busy, but I am a tad bit disappointed in myself.

My bear market filter is currently on and filtering out some of my swing trade positions. I was honestly surprised that we had fallen that far but a near 50% correction will do that.
We got the first country wide adoption of the use of BTC as a currency, yes, I am looking at you El Salvador. This is going to be quite the interesting move as it may bring the heat as far as regulation is concerned seeing as how their main form of currency before this USD was. Nevertheless, and I am all for it and cannot wait and see what other countries do to possibly follow suite.

Things have slowed down, and I am grateful for that as it is now giving me the time to fix some of the issues I was having and focus in on my strategy development as well as a few other projects I got coming up.

Take care and please stay safe out there!