Gdax-Sim has taken a bit of a back seat to the next phase of the operation; however, it continues to require a few touch ups here and there. I was able to do some back testing which lead to the discovery of a few bugs, but the system as a whole performed as expected.

The back testing reviled the user could carry a negative balance when placing market buy orders and that returned the incorrect format for the historic data. The balance bug was due to a copy paste error made from when I copied the market sell unit test to the market buy unit test section. The incorrect format was due to the me not testing for it as well as returning the candle json object instead of the array format that Gdax uses. These bugs were quickly exterminated, if you will excuse my pun, so that back testing development of other projects could be continued.

As mentioned before in the previous post there are still several things, I want to do regarding expanding the simulated Api, specifically the user account information. I found that access to this information is necessary for any trading strategy as position sizing based on risk management can make or break a performance. I cheated and used the ‘Gdax.user.fiatbalance” and the “Gdax.user.cryptobalance" variables however, this went against the main point of the project being to have the same code in the dev and release environments. So, before I begin the next deep dive into strategy development, I want to implement these features.

As always please remember to use this software responsibly and remember that it is under a state of continuous improvement.