I am excited to announce that Down to Crypto has just doubled the size of our open source tool repositories!

Gdax-Pulse is designed to implement event driven strategies by listening to the Gdax WebSocket and monitoring for changes in time. These time changes will allow the user to run their designated function every 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, as well as local and UTC day according to the times reported over the WebSocket. The Pulse object will also store current data such as the most recent price for ease of access.

As with the Gdax-Sim project, I am aiming to simplify a task that I plan to be doing a lot of in the future. I did not want to keep rewriting the same nested ifs repeatedly, and instead decided to create a class that does it in a rather familiar format. With this class just a “npm i” away more time can be spent on actual market research as opposed to finessing the code.

Looking ahead, as all projects are always improving, I plan on implementing price action events such as price above “x” and price below “x”. I think that these two functions could be a major help to my self as well as anyone who might hope to use this class.

I try my best, but my code can sometimes have errors and trading is never a guarantee so, as with everything else, please use this tool responsibly and trade with it at your own risk. It is my hope to help my fellow traders along the way not, sow the seeds of their destruction.