The crypto winter rages on and it feels like a race against the clock. I and many others don’t think this is quiet the end of everyone’s favorite digital currency. Right now, I simply have one goal, acquire the skills and knowledge I wish I had back in 2017 so that when things start looking up, I’ll be ready to make the most out of it.

In my rush to get back testing and implementing strategies and ultimately making money as soon as possible I overlooked a few things. This, as you can imagine, has set me back bit more then I would like to admit.


Ordering with 'funds' was not properly implemented. I did go ahead and implement it for buy orders so far but in my honest opinion using size provides more control for market orders and tracking one's position. I will implement funds for sell orders in the not so distant future. I think it will be better suited for sudo-shorting BTC by focusing on a strategy that tries to grow the crypto value rather than fiat.


At least something went right.


New repo that implements some short hand functionality for isolating and working with Gdax data. The two main feature of this repo are a Candle and Chart object that take in raw Gdax historic data and create JS objects from it. The candle provides the basic LHOCV stats as well as an easy conversion to csv and the original Gdax format. The chart is made up of candles and allows the user to get, indicators as well as other information derived from the candles it contains. It is my hope to expand this and continue to add indicators and endpoints to make it as useful as possible.


I found that the test information often took up unnecessary space was a mess to work with, so I decided to isolate it. Hoping to use it as a dev only dependence to save some room on the product.

Wrap Up

As usual nothing here is financial advice and I ask that you please use it with the utmost caution as it is all still in its infancy. That being said I do want to really start diving into the research soon. My plan is to move forward with basic systematic research and see where that gets me. With the inability to short on Gdax I think the best option given the current, and very angry, bear market, will be to accumulate BTC.

On another note I do prioritize the actual work being done on the repositories over the blog posts, so if you don’t see anything here in awhile just checkout GitHub for the latest updates to the code.

Thank you and as always please trade responsibly.

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